Barbara Barry, Queen Knit Kit

Barbara BarryBarbara Barry is the founder and innovator behind The Knit Kit, a unique all-in-one compact knitting accessory kit dubbed, the "Swiss Army Knife of knitting".

Before her entrepreneurial spirit took hold in the form of an inspired innovation, Barry had been a former bilingual elementary school teacher, owner and director of preschools, chef and owner of a restaurant, certified yoga instructor and real estate agent.

Like many Americans, Barry picked up knitting amid the economic recession, in hopes that the hobby would keep her busy, and allow her to make items for herself and gifts for friends, rather than purchasing them at retail prices.

After knitting for only two short years, Barry quickly grew tired of rummaging blindly around the bottom of her knitting bag for missing knitting tools and accessories. She went online seeking a solution that would make organization easier, and couldn't find what she had envisioned. Soon Barry decide to create a solution, never-before-seen in the crafting community — a kit which includes a tape measure, stitch counter, thread cutter, scissors, crochet hook, stitch holders and tip protectors all in one compact device. Aiming to create product that would keep these small accessories organized and easily accessible, Barry designed the product she would soon introduce to a receptive market — on the back of a paper napkin.

The Knit Kit was introduced to market in January 2009 and quickly became deemed the "Swiss Army Knife" for knitters and made a profound mark on the knitting world. Since its whirlwind launch, the product has experienced phenomenal success and can be found across the nation as well as internationally in countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain, France and Iceland. The Knit Kit's success is validated by the more than 50,000 sales and 850+ retailers bringing the revolutionary product to their customers. Committed to supporting the industry, Barry will stay true to her established business model selling The Knit Kit only wholesale to independent retail channels.

Barry received a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University and a graduate degree form the University of Southern California. She resides in Sun Valley, Idaho with her three dogs and two horses.


Mary Humme, Knit Kit Chick 2

Mary Humme

Mary is a compulsive knitter, weaver, quilter, and crocheter. She has several years of experience in running a retail business and in her spare time runs after her two pugs. Her corporate background includes a degree in Computer Science, adult training and education, and project management. Her current favorite yarn is (among others!) anything alpaca! You will find Mary on our phones, at the trade shows, and on the website blog.