Product Information

Eight Knitting Accessories in One

The Knit Kit is equipped with the nine most essential knitting accessories needed to accompany a set of needles and yarn in your project bag. The front of The Knit Kit contains a durable row counter, thread cutter (as of April, 2016), and a smooth retracting 5ft. tape measure. The left side of The Knit Kit has a fully removable crochet hook for picking up that dropped stitch or weaving in an end. The back compartment of The Knit Kit  houses sturdy, TSA Compliant, collapsible scissors as well as point protectors, darning needle, needle gauge and two different sized stitch markers. Watch the video to see a full demonstration on how to use The Knit Kit.

Starting in mid 2015, The Knit Kit moved manufacturing to the US with a goal of expanding the color options available and have made The Knit Kit available for consumers to purchase on their new ecommerce website.

The Knit Kit has whatever you need for knitting on the go. Great for traveling by car, boat, train or plane. "Never lose your knit knacks again!"®

We stand behind our product, and will gladly replace your Knit Kit within one year of purchase if the product is defective. Please contact us directly or the shop that you purchased The Knit Kit from.

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