The Knit Kit was featured on the Martha Stewart Show March 9
as one of Martha's Finds
Watch the clip...


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Welcome to The Knit Kit! Coined by the industry as "The Swiss Army" tool for Knitters, The Knit Kit has your 8 essential accessories needed for Knitting on the go. From a novice knitter to a seasoned knitting veteran, The Knit Kit has it all. Whether you are working on a hat, sweater, socks or scarf, The Knit Kit is sure to perfectly accompany your project.

The Knit Kit includes a crochet hook, thread cutter, locking counter, 5 ft. tape measure, stitch markers, darning needle,tip protectors, and collapsible scissors (TSA Compliant) all put together in a very durable, compact, easy to locate device. Everything you need to take your project on the go.

Never Lose Your Knit Knacks Again